Saturday, February 4, 2012

Awesome Home Made Shower Cleaner

So even though I maybe your every day Fairy Tale Princess,one thing I take pride in, is making sure our half of the castle stays nice and clean. So I am forever looking for cleaning hints and tricks.

 Just the other night I ran across this awesome blog by "Jillee" called One Good Thing,she is like many women right now an addict to Pinterest. And like most of us spends a lot of time there.

Well she has found some AWESOME homemade cleaners. I recently cleaned our shower from top to bottom, so don't need this just yet,but I would seriously recommend heading over there and taking a look at her blog.

 There is a link on the side to visit the whole blog.

 This is the home made Soap Scum Buster I was talking about only 2 ingredients,and a squirt bottle,how easy is that!

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