Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh my gosh!Where have you been!

I promise I did not fall off the face of the earth. Well in a way I guess I did. February has been a hectic month for the royal family over here! Filled with birthdays one after the other,and topped off with a sprain ankle and the flu. So while I don't have a post for you as of yet. Or well a real post, I promise I will very soon, you get to witness my attempt at being early and creative among other things as I begin the construction of my Christmas gifts,and favors this year. But for now I bid you goodnight as I am off to sink into a nyquil filled slumber. tootles for now! <3

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty Little Fabric Roses

Like every princess I love flowers,and I'm fortunate enough my hubby gets me new flowers every 2 weeks, if not every week. This week he got me a huge bouquet of lavender daisies,and yesterday a giant fluffy puppy with a red heart on his bottom, the fluffy guy is at least 4ft tall because hes just about my height and I'm 5'3 lol.

Anyhoo back to the little fabric roses,I love crafts,I love anything to do with art,so this personal blog is slowly turning into a highlight of my favorite craft finds.

Today I found a cute little tutorial for fabric roses that you can make from simple fabric scraps.
From the wonderful little lady from Wonder Forest.

Valentine Ornaments tutorial

Hello everyone,your every day Fairytale Princess
I have another dollie ornament tutorial for you!

From the same wonderful lady that bought you the clothespin fairies.
Gonna see if I can convince the hubby to take me to Michaels later if I promise to stay off my sprang ankle for the rest of the week.

Clothes Pin Fairies in my Future

So today is Monday, the day after the Super Bowl Birthday Party.
Unfortunately my sprained ankle is reaping the rewards of no sleep and not resting for 24 hrs and is the size of a balloon,hopefully those crutches get here soon.
Anyhow now that the birthday party is done and over with, I can start working on the favors and gifts for Christmas. I know its really early, but this years Christmas Party is HUGE My mom and dad will be coming down,(yeah) Plus my brother in law,his gf and the new baby,mother in law,sister in law,her boyfriend,and her 4 kids,and of course me and my hubby.Plus the hubby asked in a round about way if I could make extra for his work buddies.

Plus I want to get things together for opening my store in time for Christmas,busy busy.
Today though I found this cute lil tutorial for lil fairy clothes pins,I have the pins,just need to grab some felt and I can make these lil cuties.

If you are looking for something cute and easy go download the tutorial and take a whirl,if anything they make you smile :D
And a princess can never have to many fairies!

The Fairytale Princess

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Awesome Home Made Shower Cleaner

So even though I maybe your every day Fairy Tale Princess,one thing I take pride in, is making sure our half of the castle stays nice and clean. So I am forever looking for cleaning hints and tricks.

 Just the other night I ran across this awesome blog by "Jillee" called One Good Thing,she is like many women right now an addict to Pinterest. And like most of us spends a lot of time there.

Well she has found some AWESOME homemade cleaners. I recently cleaned our shower from top to bottom, so don't need this just yet,but I would seriously recommend heading over there and taking a look at her blog.

 There is a link on the side to visit the whole blog.

 This is the home made Soap Scum Buster I was talking about only 2 ingredients,and a squirt bottle,how easy is that!